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The biggest gift that you as parents can give your children is the complete trust in their capabilities..and it starts form his crawling days to his adolescence and beyond. It is our own fears that come in the way of raising confident children. Remember that they are chalking out their own tracks and creating newer ones long as your children know that you as parents have their back they might make mistakes ..which is fine...they will move ahead with renewed confidence. Every parent has the best for his child in heart and mind both ..yes !!we as parents do get misguided or get lost along the way, make some not so good choices ..but as long as we are present to this and can retrace our steps to correct the wrongs that is courageous and brave. There isn’t a template for parenting , however communicating your support from time to time , your trust in them and their many potentials genuinely will take them far, very far.

Let your fears not get translated to your children, they are constantly mirroring you ...

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