Therapy is a safe space to explore your conflicts, difficulties in a secure, and confidential setting. The aim of therapy is to hep you understand and comprehend your feelings in relation to your experiences which are causing you pain and trouble to move forward effectively.

Therapy aims to provide an environment which is clean and non- judgemental while being supportive and also enables you to feely talk and share your problems. Goal settings are done both by the client and the therapist together to achieve changes that are desired and needed, by identifying the blocks that may be causing delay in you reaching your optimum self. Therapy empowers you to lead a more productive life and feel a greater level of happiness.

 Therapy falls under three categories :-

  • Individual therapy

  • Family therapy

  • Group therapy

The therapist is well trained and well equipped to treat the clients with a therapy most suited to their needs. Some therapies last between 8-10 sessions and a few can go up to 4-6 months depending upon the need and condition of the client.

  • INDIVIDUAL Therapy

    There can be tremendous value in talking through your ideas, challenges and feelings with a therapist who has good listening skills, compassion, intuition, empathy, training and expertise to work collaboratively with you to increase your ability to constructively self- reflect and increase your self- understanding and self- acceptance.

    As your therapist I am available to work together to help you determine your goals. These may include things in your life that you may be seeking to shift or perhaps you are looking to increase acceptance of what you may be going through.


    “feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communications are encouraged and open and rules are flexible, the kind of atmosphere found in a nurturing family”.----VIRGINIA SATIR

    The environment of the family is most often our most influential environment of our lives, both as children and as adults when we are seeking to form our own families. Also when I use the term family I do not necessarily mean only our family of origin.

    If you are exploring coming for or looking for family therapy please seek me out, fix an appointment and let us talk.


    A small number of people meet together under the mentorship of a professional counsellor/therapist to help one another and themselves too.

    A platform is provided where group of people, often from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures come together and share their concerns to better understand a situation and build long lasting and meaningful relationships. 

    It helps people learn about themselves and others and also improve interpersonal dynamics while addressing feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety etc.

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

    NLP is the science of talking to one’s mind, NLP is a psychological approach that involves techniques and strategies to reach personal goals in compressed time frames.

    Modelling, action, and effective communication are the key tools of NLP.

    NLP therapist works with people to understand their thoughts, behaviour patterns, emotional states and drives and thus helps them maneuver their blocks and difficulties and replace the unproductive ones with better strategies.

    By programming our brain we can be very effective in our own capabilities.


    The art of being fully present, aware of our immediate surroundings. The goal of mindfulness is to wake up to the inner workings of our mental, emotional and physical processes.

    Mindfulness meditation asks us to suspend judgements and to work on unleashing our inner strength and capability about the workings of the mind and thus learning to become kind and warm to ourselves and others.

  • Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy

    Regression therapy and PLT is dedicated to uncovering things from the past that are causing difficulties in your current life and present times.

    We are a sum total of our experiences of all our past lives & current life time. All those experiences and thoughts of love., sorrow, beliefs, fears, losses, feelings & emotions that we are carrying with us. The negativity of all these experiences has a negative impact on our mind and body. These ailments can thus be lessened or often removed when the negativity is removed from the root itself. Obliterating these negativities helps in fostering better relationships and putting us on a spiritual path.

    The different services under the umbrella of PLT and Regression are:

    • Inner child healing

    • Emotional Alchemy

    • Ancestor healing

    • Relationship regression

    • Limiting beliefs

    • Accessing Akashic Records




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